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Nippon Paint Thailand announces the 2024 AYDA Awards theme:
‘Converge: Glocal Design Solutions’

Nippon Paint Decorative Coatings (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is providing an opportunity for design students to showcase their work and interact with renowned designers in Thailand and across Asia. The international design competition for architecture and interior design students, AYDA Awards 2024, is being held for the 17th consecutive year. AYDA aims to foster architecture and interior design talents who show potential and creativity by giving them the chance to develop ideas that take people, communities and the environment into account. These ideas must address the daily changes that occur in the world, adhering to the theme of ‘Converge: Glocal Design Solutions’. Winners in a wide range of categories tailored to their expertise will receive a prize worth up to 100,000 baht and a one-year subscription to the SketchUp Studio 2024 design program. This is an important opportunity to represent Thailand by competing with contestants from across over 19 countries at the AYDA Awards International Summit in Japan. The winner will get the chance to participate in a special three-week Design Discovery program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the United States at no cost. This program, worth more than 300,000 baht, will allow the winner to gain intensive design knowledge.

The concept for this year's AYDA Awards competition, ‘Converge: Glocal Design Solutions’, aims to unite local and global issues. The central goal is to bring together designers who are enthusiastic about the ways in which the world is changing and give them the opportunity to design solutions to solve the world’s problems.

Mr Narongrit Malainual, who is the marketing director of Nippon Paint Decorative Coatings (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, ‘The Asian design competition, AYDA Awards, is one of Nippon Paint's efforts to support the next generation of designers with potential in architecture and interior design. This platform provides a space for youth to showcase their talents in response to today's challenges. Looking towards a better future, the concept for this year's competition emphasises the importance of design that optimises the use of space to make life better. It represents a convergence of local–global concepts to design ways to solve the pain points that everyone faces. This is a contest that Nippon Paint has held annually for more than a decade, and it will continue to be a platform that helps promote and cultivate the new generation of young designers. It encourages them to use their creativity to develop sustainable ways to improve people's quality of life, taking into account the relationship between people, the environment and technology, and enables them to enter the world-class design industry with valuable skills and experience.’

Mr Pruisatorn Ou Sakulthai, Partner & Design Director, PIA Interior Company Limited who is one of the judges for this year's AYDA Awards, also commented on the topic of this year's competition, saying that ‘As one of the committee members for this project, this contest is very welcome for the design industry in Thailand. This is because I have seen the work of new generations of designers, who have clearly evolved. Each year, the topic of the contest is different. But it is also based on the belief that design can create beneficial change for people, communities and the environment. This year's contest theme is ‘Converge: Glocal Design Solutions’, and it focuses on the daily global changes we all face together. Every designer takes real problems and analyses them, then comes up with limitless ideas to solve those problems using innovation, bringing maximum benefit to the community at the local level and improving quality of life according to world-class standards. As a judge and an expert in the design industry, I am confident that this year we will see the work of a new generation of designers who are filled with fresh, creative ideas that reflect the designer's identity as well as sustainably raising the quality of life of people in society.’

Asst Prof. Dr Karuna Kleubmongkol, who is a lecturer in the faculty of Architecture and Design at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, is one of the project’s mentors. She added that ‘The AYDA Awards competition is an open platform for young designers to show their potential and also experience international interaction with friends in the design industry, including gaining knowledge from world-renowned designers. There are students from our university who participate in the contest every year. I would like to encourage the young people of the new generation who like challenges to come and apply. Get real work experience outside of the classroom from diverse design disciplines. Get to win a chance to join the Design Discovery program at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, which is considered the experience of a lifetime.’

In addition, the AYDA Awards 2024 is also preparing to present special awards to the winners of various categories from the following sponsors; The Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal Patronage (ASA), ASSET FIVE GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED and DIGITECH ONE COMPANY LIMITED.

Become a part of the 2024 AYDA Awards competition for architectural and interior design students and seize the opportunity to participate in a short-term program at Harvard University. Applications can be submitted until 31st October, 2024 at the website Find more details at or phone 02-462-5299 ext. 164



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